Great Dividing Trail


  1. Name Great Dividing Trail (GDT)
  2. Distancia de sendero 270 km, 168 millas
  3. Duración en días 14 días
  4. Clasificación Traildino EW, Paseo fácil, sendero en la naturaleza

Great Dividing Trail: Lerderderg  - by Ben

270 km, February – April and October – November

Originally a hikers track, but bikers like it too. Nowadays, it is more like a multi-use track. As the name suggests, the path follows the ridge of the Great Dividing Range. Three stretches of the trail start in Daylesford: Lerderderg Track (80 km), Wallaby Track (92 km) and Dry Diggings Track (55 km). The Leanganook Track (58 km) is connected to the Dry Diggings Track. All tracks run through what used to be an important gold mining region. The trail offers relatively easy walking: it passes through populated areas, accessible state parks and farm lands. You'll find gum trees, echnidas, wallabies. Part of the trail is also called the Goldfields Track.

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Leanganook Track, 15km


Great Dividing Trail


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